Growing or Exiting, let’s make it happen!

We offer Advisors premium pricing and industry-leading support to help grow their business or map their exit

Whether you want to refine your client segmentation strategy, focus on niche markets, or define your own succession plan, we’re here for you. We’ll work with you to build scale in your business, implement proven growth strategies, maximize the value of your business, or map your exit plan.

Through it all, we’ll help you ensure your clients continue to get the attention they deserve.  Whether you are looking to grow or exit the business, we are looking for experienced financial professionals who want to make a positive impact in their clients’ financial futures at the same time as achieving their specific goals.

Join Optimize Wealth:  A Firm built by Advisors, for Advisors

The financial services industry has seen a significant amount of change over the last two decades.  What hasn’t changed is that ethical advisors are earnestly running wealth management practices centered on putting their clients’ interest first. Unfortunately, the growth initiatives and the seemingly endless bureaucratic and one-sided directives from many dealers have clearly put them at odds with this principle. Discover how we can work with you to break past your ceiling of complexity, simplify your business and unlock new opportunities.

Strong Leadership

Matthew J. McGrath, CFA, CIM, FMA, FCSI

Head of Corporate Development

As a seasoned executive with 25 years of experience in the wealth management business, Matthew knew what advisors wanted and needed — and also knew that the traditional players weren’t delivering it. So he joined Optimize Wealth to drive the industry forward, giving advisors the tools to deliver exceptional value to their clients, while building thriving businesses.  What has inspired him over his 25 year career in the Wealth Management Industry is the incredible opportunity Optimize has to make such a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of our clients. During Matthew’s career, he has had the honour of advising and servicing private clients at both RBC and Optimize Wealth Management. He began at RBC, where he spent over a decade as one of the Portfolio Managers in their asset management and private client division, and managed to quickly climb the ranks to become one of their youngest Executive Council Vice Presidents.

After moving on from RBC, he was extremely fortunate to have joined Optimize Wealth Management, first as one of their Portfolio Managers, and now as Senior Partner, Head of our Advisory Channel and Corporate Development.  As Head of our Advisory Channel, Matthew is fixated on helping our associates, advisors, portfolio managers, and branch teams to continue to deliver this same exceptional service and premium advice to clients. Matthew’s leadership style follows the same personal approach that he has always used with clients. He spends an enormous amount of time listening before putting forward advice and direction.  He values and nurtures a culture of candor, transparency and respect in the true spirit of partnership.

In addition to Matthew’s passion for his family and the financial industry, he is an avid runner and has run numerous marathons, including three Bostons.  He also enjoys hiking and extreme trekking, and has climbed the highest summit outside of the Himalayas, Mount Aconcagua (23,000 feet), along with Kilimanjaro (19,500 feet), as he continues his quest to climb the Seven Summits of the World.

How we help you

As your partner, we’ll help you deliver an exceptional client experience – one that not only cements client loyalty but also drives new business. We’ll show you how to streamline your processes, increase productivity and grow your bottom line.  When you join Optimize Wealth, you become part of a team with one common goal, to help our Advisors build a better business while providing your clients with expert financial advice.  The major difference at Optimize Wealth is that we measure our Financial Advisors’ success based on how well they help their clients achieve their goals rather than based on how much commissions or revenues they generate from their clients.

We know that you bring a ton to the table. So we make sure we do too…

Premium Compensation, well above industry rates

Despite grids and payouts getting continuously squeezed, we offer a compensation structure well above industry norms.  We recognize the true value of your client relationships.  The industry has long undervalued Financial Advisors, until now.  We are always happy to put our money where our mouth is.

Superior Client Offering and Investment Solutions

Bring your clients the Next Generation in Wealth Management:
• Family office platform
• Premium Investment Returns
• Broad array of in-house and third-party managed portfolio solutions
• Pension style asset management
• Pure no load fee structure
• User-friendly client statements and online account access
• Bank-level security

Open Platform for Every Wealth Professional

If you have solid long term client relationships we want to work with you, regardless of your registration:
• OSC Portfolio Managers
• Registered IIROC Advisors
• Licensed MFDA Reps
• Financial Planners and Insurance Advisors

An Entrepreneurial Culture like no other

We are fixated on your Growth and Independence.  You help your clients with their goals while we help you with yours.  Complete freedom in your succession planning.  Buy up new books of business with our Pre-Arranged Financing Solutions.

Streamline your business in a major way

Significant time savings for you to grow… or to simply smell the roses.  Online platform to onboard and service clients quicker and more efficiently.  Automate and leverage our in-house compliance system.  Industry-leading back-office systems.  Cutting-edge enterprise software for every aspect of your business.

Next Generation Marketing Support

Our Marketing Team will create engaging content to always keep you front and centre with your clients through: Personalized brochures and monthly e-newsletters, quarterly newsletters and market commentary, & Social media campaigns across multiple platforms.

The Result? Unlock opportunities while building a better and more profitable business.

How we help your clients

Optimize Wealth Management is the next generation in premier wealth management. We judge our success and value based on how well your clients’ financial goals are achieved, not ours. With our platform, you can provide your clients with personalized financial solutions and advice to help them at every stage of their lives. Our financial services and solutions cover everything from financial planning and portfolio management to tax preparation, debt management, and estate planning.

Bring your clients the next generation in wealth management

Pure No Load Fee Structure

Eliminate unnecessary costs so that there are no annual administration fees, no up-front loads, no back-end commissions, and no lock-up periods.

Complete Independence

No more product pushing. Strategies are based on each client’s specific goals and objectives. Broad array of in-house and third-party managed portfolio solutions.

Global Financial Strength

Provide bank-level security by offering CIPF and CDIC insured accounts, all accounts custodied at National Bank (NBIN), $200 billion in assets and 900,000 investors, and by ensuring all client positions are segregated and not cross collateralized.

Family Office Platform

Offer the full-suite of services including Investment Management, Financial Planning, Will and Tax Preparation, & Mortgage and Insurance Solutions.

Premium Investment Returns

Increase your client’s ROI instantly by providing them with our investment solutions which offer top quartile returns, a strong emphasis on growth and principal protection, and a constant dynamic asset allocation approach.

Pension Style Asset Classes

Go beyond retail products to give your clients exposure to low correlated asset classes and Institutional Pension Managers such as KKR and Brookfield Asset Management.

The Result? Take your clients to the next level and prosper together.

Exiting the Business?  We are interested. Very interested…

If you run a money management firm or are an Advisor, PM, or Financial Planner who is looking for a buyout plan now or in the future, we want to connect with you.  Optimize Wealth offers more money than any other firm in the industry in addition to being able to able to offer your clients a superior client offering and investment solutions. We can structure the buyout around you and your particular situation.  And so, whether you want an immediate buyout, a two-stage transition, or something in between, we are keen to work with you.

Some say we pay way too much for Advisors, Firms, or just plain AUM. We frankly don’t care…

We are happy to Pay Top Dollar when others scrutinize or 'nickel and dime'

We know just how hard you have worked to build your business and your book of clients over the years.  We know better than the rest, just how invaluable your relationships are and how much future potential there is within your practice.  As such, we are only too happy to put our money where our mouth is and will move as quickly as you need us to.

We offer the Smoothest Transition with minimal involvement on your part

We recognize that you are looking to exit the business and move on to the next chapter in your life.  Accordingly, we will handle everything from the paperwork, the client meetings, to any regulatory requirements.  Your involvement with the transition will be entirely on your terms and as involved as you want it to be, period.

Get the Peace of Mind you deserve, knowing your clients’ needs will be completely looked after

Think of the comfort you will have knowing that we judge our success and value based on how well your clients’ financial goals are achieved, not ours. We will provide your clients with personalized financial solutions and advice to help them at every stage of their lives. Our financial services and solutions cover everything from financial planning and portfolio management to tax preparation, debt management, and estate planning.  Ultimately, we will provide your clients with an entirely holistic approach and no load advisory relationship to ensure everyone succeeds and prospers together.

The Result? Monetize the full value of your business while knowing your clients will receive premiere investment advice and solutions.

Learn More About How We Help Advisors


Whether you are looking to simply evaluate your current platform to ensure you are getting the most for you and your clients or if you need a solid succession plan for you and your family, we would be keen to discuss how we could work with you. At Optimize, we are always ready to take that step with you and design a solution specific to your particular goals and objectives.


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