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Our Selection Criteria

A Platform for Client-Focused Financial Professionals

Why we are so Selective

At Optimize, we believe strong professional ethics and a passion for putting clients first is a foundation of proper wealth management. We built our platform with those concepts front of mind to help licensed representatives continue operating with the highest levels of integrity and make putting clients first easier. That's why we have a multi-step process to ensure that we only approve individuals who share and demonstrate our values while holding themselves to the highest ethical standards. Only those who meet our Selection Criteria can be approved for our platform. Read more about a few of the Selection Criteria categories we evaluate Financial Professionals looking to join our platform on below.

Our Added Value for Your Clients

We assess the added value that Optimize could provide to your clients when factoring in their current fees, risks, and returns in addition to the value received from our auxiliary services such as financial planning, tax planning & preparation, and will & estate planning.

Your Commitment to Clients

The overarching philosophy here at Optimize is to always put our clients’ interests above everything else. We only want to work with Financial Professionals who share our passion for putting clients first.

Your Commitment to Professionalism

We look for Licensed Representatives who follow and integrate fundamental principles of ethics into how they work with clients such as integrity, due care, objectivity, and professional competence.

Your Track Record

We only want to work with those who have a strong record of serving clients with integrity and the highest level of professional conduct. Financial Professionals who have had their professional conduct or behaviour called into question likely won't be a good fit with our platform.

The Result? Ensure that you're associated only with the highest calibre of Financial Professionals.