Welcome to the

Next Generation In
Wealth Management

What we do

We provide our clients with personalized financial solutions and advice to help them at every stage of their lives. Our financial services and solutions cover everything from financial planning and portfolio management to tax preparation, insurance solutions, debt management, and estate planning. We provide our clients with an entirely holistic approach and a no load advisory relationship to ensure everyone succeeds and prospers together.

Who we are

We are the next generation in premier wealth management. We judge our success and value based on how well your financial goals are achieved, not ours. We separate ourselves from the rest by providing the full suite of financial advisory services, our independence, no load advice and personalized service, coupled with our financial strength and premium returns. The values we stand by are honesty; persistence, teamwork, and excellence.

Leadership Team

Our goal is to gather the most talented and motivated people we can find, who then put together the most compelling ideas and create the most effective solutions possible to help make our industry even better for our clients.

Matthew McGrath, CFA

Head of Advisory Channel and Corporate Development

Warren MacKenzie, CA, CPA

Head of Financial Planning

Chris Coholan, HBBA

VP, Corporate Development

Steven McMackon, CIM

Portfolio Manager

Sandy Beniamin

Senior Manager, Client Services

Kevin Fobert, CIM

VP, Corporate Development

Matthew Tomasic, CFP, CIM

VP, Operations

Thomas Durston, CIM

Portfolio Manager

Luca Ciminelli, CIM

Portfolio Manager

Grant Lycouretzos, BA

Content Marketing Manager

Monika Gabra

Manager, Client Services

Patrick Bellmore, CIM

Portfolio Manager