The Mark Loutet Team

Mark Loutet

Senior Financial Planner

About Mark

Mark Loutet graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1983, with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance.  He then obtained his Chartered Accountant designation and worked in the accounting field for a C.A. firm and in private industry for the next 10 years. In 1994, he left accounting to pursue a lifelong career in the wealth management industry.

As a Certified Financial Planner professional (CFP®), Mark now has more than 26 years’ experience in the wealth management industry. His extensive knowledge and experience allows him to confidently provide proven retirement, investment, estate and tax planning solutions for a wide variety of financial situations.

Now associated with Optimize Wealth Management, Mark is enthusiastically ready to bring an even higher level of knowledge, service and products to his existing and new clients. Many of Mr. Loutet’s clients have retired or are near retirement age. The sustainable, proven track record of Optimize and their pension style of asset management is an ideal fit for his client base.

The Mark Loutet Value Add

Mark provides clients with a comprehensive approach to financial planning, tax preparation and will preparation, ensuring his clients always benefit from the highest level of service. At Optimize, Mark works alongside an experienced team of licensed portfolio managers to help clients achieve their desired long-term financial and investment goals.

The cornerstone of his service rests in effectively matching his clients’ financial and life goals with a personalized financial planning strategy and overall customer service experience which will exceed their goals in every respect. Mark measures his success by how well he has helped his clients achieve their specific goals and objectives.

Mark's Approach to Wealth Management

Optimizing your investments is an important step to achieving your financial goals but realize that it is just one step in a much longer journey. Mark, along with a licensed portfolio manager from Optimize Wealth, will focus on looking at the complete picture as it relates to your particular situation. They begin this process by listening intently to your specific goals and objectives. They then analyze every aspect of your situation such as your investments, mortgage and other debt, will, insurance, company plan, and tax preparation needs.

Once they have completed their analysis, they together will then design you a coordinated strategy to achieve all of your particular goals and objectives. In order to provide you with a better sense of just how much value they could bring to you and your family, the range of services offered through Mark and a licensed portfolio manager from Optimize are outlined in detail below.

*Investment Advice is only offered through a licensed Optimize Portfolio Manager

As a Senior Financial Planner, Mark helps coordinate your financial plan by organizing the strategy into efficient steps toward your goals. Proper Wealth Management is an ongoing process which helps you make prudent decisions about your money in order to achieve your specific goals.



Please Note: Mark is based in Vancouver, BC.
His mailing address can be found below.

Mark's Wealth Management Team

Daniel Chivu

Portfolio Manager

Warren MacKenzie

Head of Financial Planning