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The CH Value Add


The CH team provides clients with a comprehensive approach to financial planning, tax preparation and will preparation, ensuring clients always benefit from the highest level of service. At Optimize, we work alongside an experienced team of licensed Optimize Representatives to help clients achieve their desired long-term financial and investment goals.

The cornerstone of our service rests in effectively matching clients’ financial and life goals with a personalized financial planning strategy and overall customer service experience which will exceed their goals in every respect. The CH Team measures our success by how well we have helped clients achieve their specific goals and objectives.

Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning is simply your list of short and long-term goals that are important to you, with a strategy of how you’re going to use your money and other assets to achieve those goals. It might involve designing your saving strategy, creating a will to protect your family, or insuring that your family will manage without your income should you pass on prematurely. Fortunately, we are always ready to take that step with you and create a Comprehensive Financial Plan specific to you and your family’s particular situation.


At Optimize Wealth Management, every client is viewed differently and uniquely. Your Licensed Optimize Representative structures your accounts based on your particular needs and objectives. They factor in variables such as your time horizon, risk tolerance, return objectives, tax situation, company stock plans, and legacy positions. When it comes to matching your objectives with an investment portfolio, ‘one size fits all’ has no place at Optimize Wealth Management. Ultimately, they build investment portfolios which make sense based on your specific goals, comfort level, and tax situation.*

Investment Advice is only offered through a Licensed Optimize Representative.

To learn more about how Optimize Wealth Management builds portfolios, click here.

Insurance Solutions

The right insurance solution offers peace of mind, helping you take steps to avoid perils that could result in a financial downturn. That’s why prudent insurance strategies can play a key role in any comprehensive wealth management plan. Insurance solutions have very unique and specific benefits for both individuals and businesses. We are always ready to identify your options and help you select the right insurance solution for your particular situation.**

Tax Preparation

Through Optimize Wealth, we offer a wide range of innovative tax preparation services designed to meet your specific tax situation. From busy employees and executives to seasoned entrepreneurs, everyone can benefit from our team of experienced tax specialists. When it comes to assessing your personal tax situation, we will help you optimize your tax returns with any tax credits and deductions available to you. You work hard for your money and you deserve to keep as much of it as possible. Work with us to optimize your tax return and we’ll show you how.

Will Preparation

For many individuals, will and estate planning is a difficult subject to discuss and even more so to plan for as it brings up topics of their own mortality. However it is indeed something you need to talk about with your family and loved ones as you can’t obviously do so after you’re gone. No estate plan is exactly the same, and so your plan should be based on your personal priorities and goals. Regardless of your reasons, beginning the estate planning process is an integral step to any properly designed wealth management strategy. We are here to work with you and create an Estate Plan specific to your particular goals and objectives.

Loans & Mortgages

Whether your goal is to minimize interest payments, save money, or pay your mortgage as soon as possible, we can structure a mortgage solution perfect for your specific needs. We have access to a broad array of banks and financial institutions which helps us to identify the best mortgage solution for your particular financial needs and goals. We work on your behalf to negotiate with the banks and lenders to get the best possible rates and financing terms. We have a vast array of mortgage products from which to choose from so that you will receive the right solution for your specific needs. 

Mortgage solutions are provided by Nesto Inc.

* Investment Advice is only offered through a licensed Optimize Representative

**Insurance is only offered through a licensed Individual at Optimize to residents of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Manitoba