Personal Tax Returns

You work hard for your money and you deserve to keep as much of it as possible. Work with us to optimize your tax return and we’ll show you how.

At Optimize Wealth Management™, we offer a wide range of innovative tax preparation services designed to meet your specific tax situation. From busy employees and executives to seasoned entrepreneurs, everyone can benefit from our team of experienced tax specialists.

When it comes to assessing your personal tax situation, we’ll help you optimize your tax returns with any tax credits and deductions available to you. Your trusted Optimize Advisor will help you prepare your comprehensive tax return including any information returns, elections, tax liabilities and installments.

Commissioned Sales Persons

Often individuals with commission paying jobs don’t realize just how much they could be saving in taxes. Whether it’s deducting client related or professional expenses, there are numerous ways to minimize your tax bill and your Optimize Advisor is waiting to assist you every step of the way.

Employee Tax Returns

When preparing Tax Returns for employees and executives we ensure that every variable is taken into consideration to minimize your tax bill. We look beyond just T4s and other standard T-Slips to optimize your complete tax situation.

Rental Properties

You have worked hard to acquire, manage, and produce a steady return on your real estate investment properties. At Optimize, we’ll work hard to help you further these investment returns by optimizing your tax return as it relates to your real estate holdings.

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If you are looking for holistic advice which covers your entire financial situation, we would be keen to discuss how we could work with you and your family. An Optimize Advisor is always ready to take that step with you and design a financial solution specific to your particular goals and objectives.

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