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Pure and simple

Unlike most firms, we love talking fees!

As a no load advisory firm, our clients typically save more than 25% off their management fees and profit from a true ‘win-win’ relationship. Our advice is objective, unbiased, and without conflicts of interest; and our management fees support these values in every way. We are portfolio managers, not brokers or mutual fund representatives, and our firm’s fee structure reflects this subtle but stark difference.

Some of the key benefits and attributes of our management fee structure:

Complete Alignment of Interests

Our fees are based purely on the market value of the monies we manage for you, not which investment vehicles you buy or sell through our firm. This ensures that our interests are perfectly aligned to grow your portfolio in value and stability. Ultimately, as your portfolio increases in value so do our fees, and vice versa, which provides you and our firm with a true ‘win-win’ relationship.

Complete Transparency


We couldn’t be more proud of all the benefits and value our fees provide to our clients. We do not hide our fees in a 200 page prospectus or in small print or complicated language.

More than 25% Below the Industry Average

With the average balanced mutual fund in the industry charging 2.63% per year in management expense fees, our management fee is over 25% lower per year. This does not even factor in all of the other savings our clients receive by our no load advisory fee structure or our fees’ tax-deductibility status as well.

All Inclusive Portfolio Management Fee


Our portfolio management fee of 1.95% includes all fees which we charge for financial planning, will and estate planning, and tax preparation.

Considerable Tax Benefits

Our Portfolio Management Fees are fully tax deductible against your income as compared to Mutual Fund MERs or Brokerage Commissions which are not deductible at all, in non-registered accounts. For most of our clients, this reduces their management fees to as little as under 1% per year. Again, this provides them with considerable savings when compared to the average balanced mutual fund’s fees of 2.63%.

No Time Commitments on any of our Portfolios


Our clients have complete freedom to start and stop investing with any of our portfolios at any point in time. There are no time commitments or lock-up periods with any of our portfolios such as the seven year commitment which many DSC or Back-end mutual funds require.

Clearly, our fee structure offers our clients considerable value and benefits. More importantly, it sets in motion a very solid and long term relationship between our firm and your financial goals where there will be a true ‘win-win’ relationship.

If you’re interested in discussing how to minimize your fees or align you and your advisor’s interests, an Optimize Advisor is always ready to take that step with you and design an Investment Plan specific to your particular goals and objectives.