Posted by Optimize on June 18, 2020

Optimize Wealth Welcomes Steve Talosi as Senior Financial Planner

TORONTO, June 18, 2020 – Optimize Wealth Management announced the recent addition of Senior Financial Planner Steve Talosi to the firm. Steve has considerable experience and has been helping families in the southern Niagara region for over forty years.

“We wanted to provide our clients with premium financial planning and are thrilled to have someone as experienced and dedicated as Steve to join our team” said Matthew McGrath, Head of Advisory Channel and Corporate Development at Optimize Wealth.

At Optimize Wealth’s newest office in Welland, Steve will work alongside a very qualified team of licensed portfolio managers to provide clients with a comprehensive approach and no load advisory relationship to help them achieve their desired goals.

“I’m extremely pleased to be joining Optimize. This move ensures my clients continue to receive the premier service they deserve, now with the help of Optimize’s multi-family office platform and robust portfolio management” said Steve Talosi, Senior Financial Planner.

About Steve Talosi

Steve Talosi has been that friendly professional to generations of southern Niagara residents; with over forty years of business and financial industry experience, Steve continues to find satisfaction in helping people achieve their financial goals. As a devoted family person, Steve and his wife of forty-four years, Rita, have raised three, now adult, children and thoroughly enjoy their two grandchildren.

Born and raised in Welland, Steve is a past president and an active member of the Notre Dame Family Board of Directors, treasurer of Development and Peace for the Dioceses of St. Catharines, and a member of the teaching panel for the Marriage Preparation Course at St. Kevin’s parish. He formerly served as treasurer of Wesley Robins Retirement Village’s Board of Directors, and as a Board member of the Welland Downtown BIA.

Steve’s contributions to his church and community have made him a familiar face to families throughout Welland. He notes when it comes to getting advice on your personal finances, it’s nice to be able to turn to someone you know and trust. “We don’t take that trust lightly. If you come through our door, whether you’re our biggest client or somebody we’ve never seen before, we’re going to do the best job we can for you from day one.”

About the Optimize Wealth Advisor Platform

Optimize Wealth is an industry-leading Full Service Wealth Management Firm which has built a very Robust Advisor Platform whereby Advisors can provide their clients with a multi-family office service offering. We have in-house tax and will specialists that can prepare all of your clients’ tax returns as well as their wills. We also have Mortgage and Insurance specialists when needed and all of that augments our core Financial Planning and Portfolio Management services. We built our Advisor Platform with the belief that technology could make the financial management process simpler, more transparent, and more cost-effective for

clients. It has quickly become clear to us that these services when provided alongside our in-house technology enables advisors and financial planners alike to deliver significant value to their clients well above the industry norms, which empowers them to grow their business exponentially.

Join Optimize Wealth: A firm built by Advisors, for Advisors

The financial services industry has seen a significant amount of change over the last two decades. What hasn’t changed is that ethical advisors are earnestly running wealth management practices centered on putting their clients’ interest first. Unfortunately, the growth initiatives and the seemingly endless bureaucratic and one-sided directives from many dealers have slowly put them at odds with this principle. Discover how we can work with you to break past your ceiling of complexity, simplify your business and unlock new opportunities. As your partner, we’ll help you deliver an exceptional client experience – one that not only cements client loyalty but also drives new business. We’ll show you how to streamline your processes, increase productivity and grow your bottom line. When you join Optimize Wealth, you become part of a team with one common goal, to help our Advisors build a better business while providing your clients with expert financial advice. The major difference at Optimize Wealth is that we measure our Financial Advisors’ success based on how well they help their clients achieve their goals rather than based on how much commissions or revenues they generate from their clients.

Looking to Grow Your Practice or Map Your Exit?

Whether you want to refine your client segmentation strategy, focus on niche markets, or define your own succession plan, we’re here for you. We’ll work with you to build scale in your business, implement proven growth strategies, maximize the value of your business, or map your exit plan. Through it all, we’ll help you ensure your clients continue to get the attention they deserve. Whether you are looking to grow or exit the business, we are looking for experienced financial professionals who want to make a positive impact in their clients’ financial futures at the same time as achieving their specific goals.

Financial professionals who want to see how they can map their exit or gain a major competitive edge from Optimize’s next generation multi-family office platform while benefiting from a premium advisor compensation structure should reach out to Matthew McGrath for a confidential discussion at (416)-907-6733 or email