Portfolio Monitoring and Reviews

Constant portfolio monitoring and regular client reviews ensures that everyone is on the same page and progressing towards the same goal

Ongoing Performance Review Meetings – These meetings provide us with the opportunity to update you on current market conditions, your portfolio’s performance, and any needed portfolio changes. These Portfolio and Performance Review meetings benefit you a great deal in that we can bring you up to speed on how the markets and your portfolio have been performing.

These meetings also benefit our firm a great deal in that you can update us as to any changes which may have occurred on your side as far as your goals, your job, or your family is concerned.

Implementing a client’s portfolio is of course just one of the many steps required in prudent wealth management. Portfolio monitoring on a constant basis must also be done as changing economic and market conditions will inevitably require ongoing portfolio rebalances.

Furthermore, meeting on a regular basis with our clients to review their portfolio’s performance ensures that everyone is on the same page and progressing towards their specific goals and objectives.


Constant Portfolio Monitoring of all Accounts – This is a critical component to properly managing investment portfolios as it ensures that not one account gets ‘lost in between the cracks’ or goes unnoticed. Monitoring your portfolio constantly and rebalancing when necessary ensures that your portfolio will provide you with solid long term rates of return and ultimately provide you with the consistent value you deserve.

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