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We invest in large-cap value and blue chip companies to generate solid returns while proactively rebalancing across asset classes to protect your investments

The benefits of diversification are well known today – using an assortment of asset classes to improve potential returns while minimizing risk. At Optimize Wealth Management, this approach is fundamental to our portfolio management team.  Our portfolio management team seeks to invest in both equities and fixed income investments through a balanced portfolio mandate.

In selecting its individual equity investments, the portfolio management team looks for high dividend yielding, large-cap public companies which are trading at attractive valuation levels. In setting the mix between the portfolio’s equity and fixed income investments, they use a dynamic asset allocation strategy to determine the optimal asset allocations.


By combining dynamic asset allocation with a large-cap value equity focus, the portfolio management team’s objective is to deliver solid long term rates of return for our clients.

1. Large-Cap Value and Blue Chip Focus

Our portfolio management team focuses on investing in large cap companies which are blue-chip and offer significant value to our clients. This translates into companies which are typically $10 Billion to well over $200 Billion in market capitalization, offer dividend yields in the 3% to 5% range, have a return of equity of 12% to 18%, and trade at attractive valuations from a price-earnings perspective. This selection process results in companies which are very blue-chip in nature, have been around for a long time, and will provide our clients with very solid and stable rates of returns.

2. Dynamic Asset Allocation Approach

Our portfolio management team follows a dynamic asset allocation approach. They monitor a number of key economic and market indicators which are then used to determine if certain asset classes, market capitalizations, geographies, and market sectors are under- or overvalued. Their approach is largely quantitative in that they use proprietary algorithms and trading models to determine whether an asset is mispriced or not. Our portfolio management team has found that by taking this quantitative approach they are able to eliminate much of the emotional shortcomings that happen too often in portfolio management. They do however always augment our quantitative approach to money management with a fundamental review by our portfolio management team to ensure that every investment decision is based on both our quantitative and our fundamental views. Allocations are regularly adjusted based on employing a quantitative investment process, and using seasoned investment professionals with expertise in various facets of investment analysis. What’s more, in the search for the most comprehensive analysis, our portfolio management team often taps insightful sources of information outside Optimize Wealth Management and its affiliate companies.

3. Individual Company Investment Criteria

Our portfolio management team screens literally thousands of companies before arriving at their focus list of potential companies. They favor large cap value companies that have established themselves in their respective sectors as industry leaders with solid balance sheets and growing income statements. They are looking to provide our clients with good long term growth that is comprised of companies with high dividend yields but also the potential for solid capital gains. They focus on the fundamentals of each company to avoid many of the surprises which come with more speculative investment styles.

4. Protection of Capital

To better protect our clients’ investment portfolios, our portfolio management team focuses on blue-chip investments along with identifying opportunities where the company’s intrinsic value is well above its current market value. These situations provide our clients with a significant margin of safety. We have found that focusing on finding opportunities with high margins of safety result in much lower risk levels and hence protect our clients’ investment portfolios much better than other investment approaches.

5. Fundamental and Quantitative Emphasis

Our portfolio management team takes a very long-term and quantitative approach with any of their investments. Often this requires them to take a contrarian view with portfolio candidates. Consequently, our team shies away from the latest ‘investment fads’ and instead looks for companies which have exhibited a long term track record of solid earnings, solid dividends, and most importantly a sound management team. Even though they typically hold portfolio companies for long periods of time, they are constantly monitoring and reassessing their portfolio companies to ensure they continue to offer solid upside potential for our clients. Our portfolio management team follows a very strict sell discipline which requires them to look to exit any of their portfolio companies if any of the following occurs:

  • If the portfolio company has experienced an adverse change in its underlying fundamentals.
  • If there are other companies which are offering significantly better risk and return opportunities.
  • If the market value of the portfolio company has appreciated beyond its intrinsic value and they do not view additional upside is likely or probable.
6. Investment Criteria

Below are some of the main investment criteria which our portfolio management team looks for prior to making an investment in any company:

  • Established Track Record of Growing Dividends
  • Industry Leading Governance Policies
  • Above Average Profit Margins
  • Solid Growth in Cash Flow over the long-term
  • Well Established Competitive Advantages
  • Sound Management Team Low Price/Earnings Ratios
  • Low Debt to Equity Relative to Peers
  • High Dividend Yield
  • High Return on Equity

Clearly, our portfolio management team offers clients considerable value and benefits.  More importantly, they can set in motion a very solid and long term relationship between our firm and your financial goals.

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