Investment Leverage

Investing through leverage requires a high degree of discipline and control but offers significant opportunity for the astute and discerning investor.


Investment leverage is an advanced investing strategy which involves purchasing investments with financed monies. Understanding investment leverage comes down to understanding what borrowing to invest requires in order to be successful, the upside potential, and of course the potential risks.

Frankly it isn’t for everyone, but for those with the right amount of discipline and control, investment leverage can help them achieve their financial goals much sooner than otherwise planned. Some of the benefits of investment leverage are as follows:

  • Magnified Investment Results: As leveraged investing effectively increases the amount you have invested, it results in much larger profits should your investments pay off; and of course, the opposite is true as well.
  • Attractive Tax Deductions: Leveraged investments provide tremendous tax benefits as the interest payments are tax-deductible so long as the monies are used for investing purposes.
  • Time Horizon to Achieving your Goals: Using leverage to invest, your time horizon to achieving your goals can be greatly reduced if your investments rise in value.

Investment Leverage offers tremendous benefits and opportunity to the right type of investor. However, using borrowed money to finance the purchase of securities or make other investments, involves greater risk than purchasing investments using cash resources only, and can significantly magnify the gain or loss on the cash invested. For this reason, one should take extra caution and care prior to making an investment using leverage.  Reach out to an Optimize Advisor* today and let them assess your current situation and how this strategy could help your specific financial goals.

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