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Optimize Wealth Management is a high-end financial advisory boutique looking for experienced financial professionals who want to make a positive impact in their clients’ financial futures and ultimately help their clients achieve their particular goals. The major difference at Optimize Wealth Management™ is that we measure our Financial Advisors’ success based on how well they help their clients achieve their goals rather than based on how much commissions or revenues they generate from their clients. Extremely determined and self-motivated individuals are eligible to apply to our Portfolio Management Firm. Successful candidates will grow with a Wealth Management Firm fixated on providing high-end portfolio solutions and financial advice to their clients. Candidates must be experienced, energetic, positive, self-motivated, and keen to work within the private wealth management industry.

Make Your Clients Goals Happen. First.

Working at a successful wealth management practice could very well be the most rewarding and most challenging accomplishment of your career. Providing the full suite of wealth management services to you and your clients will provide an enormous amount of freedom, financial rewards, and overall personal satisfaction. You will be able to counsel and advise individuals on their personal savings and investments in order to achieve their specific financial goals. Providing wealth management advisory services however comes with a number of significant challenges. For example, you will need to spend the majority of your time analyzing portfolios, economic data, and market trends. We find that it requires a portfolio manager on average 60 hours each week to conduct the proper equity and investment analysis required to properly manage their client portfolios and financial plans. This type of schedule is not for everyone and is something that should be considered very carefully before embarking on this type of career.

Are We the Right Firm for You?

We are not looking for high-pressured-salespeople or commissioned-oriented-brokers. We are looking for very high-end, good quality, experienced financial analysts who want to put their clients first and help them achieve their particular goals. If you want to make a positive impact on your clients’ lives and work at a very successful wealth management practice in the process, then Optimize is the right firm for you. We believe that you can build a much more successful and sustainable business if you put your clients first above everything else as opposed to focusing on how much commissions and revenues you can generate from your clients’ accounts. If you share this philosophy, then we want to help you build and grow your wealth management career.

Leverage Our Trusted Brand

Optimize Wealth Management is known for its high-end financial advisory services which it provides to its clients. We are well respected in the industry as a firm which puts its clients first and always acts with the highest level of ethics and professionalism. As an Optimize Wealth Management™ Financial Advisor, you will be able to leverage our superior name, brand, and reputation to build your career in wealth management. Below are just some examples of the wide press coverage our brand has enjoyed in the past.

Receive Industry-Leading Training

At Optimize Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on the extent to which we go in preparing a Portfolio Manager to provide clients with the full suite of financial advisory services. We spend an enormous amount of time training all of our Portfolio Managers on how to conduct in-depth investment research, manage client portfolios, and ultimately help their clients achieve their goals. One of the many areas of our training program that differentiates us is that we focus the majority of our resources, time, and energy on how to properly manage and research various investment vehicles. We are not looking for salesmen; we are not looking for commission-oriented brokers. We are looking for highly seasoned portfolio managers.

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