Benefits of Estate Planning

Prudent Estate Planning ensures your loved ones will receive the benefits of your hard work and protection in the most tax efficient manner possible

Too often is the case where people lament over not looking after their estate plan or affairs much sooner in life.  Whatever your status, stage, or goals are, everyone can benefit from prudent estate planning. Unfortunately, too few people know about this or follow this advice. Planning your estate or explaining your plan to your loved ones and family can protect your estate and, just as importantly, enable your beneficiaries to prepare themselves for their pending circumstances.

The core benefits to a properly designed estate plan are as follows:

  • Distributes your assets as you intended to provide for your beneficiaries and end of life expenses
  • Provides for significant tax advantages such as income tax splitting
  • Minimizes estate taxes and probate fees
  • Designates charitable gifts
  • For business owners, it ensures your business will be handled the way you desire
  • Specifies who you want to look after your last wishes, affairs, and beneficiaries
  • Provides more of your money in the hands of your beneficiaries

As can be seen, delaying estate planning is certainly not in the best interests of your family, your estate, or any other relationships you do value. As the world we live in becomes more and more characterized by litigation and government intervention, estate planning is becoming ever more pertinent.  Fortunately, an Optimize Advisor is ready to take that step with you and create an Estate Plan specific to your particular goals and objectives.

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